Vedic Art

About the method.

Vedic Art is an intuitive painting method, that allows you to connect with your heart and let your inner world manifest on an empty canvas. The method has its source in the Vedas. The Vedas describe universal laws, God, Cosmos and truth about human potential, and a way to reach it. This ancient wisdom, which was born 5000 years ago, in a natural and simple way, assists the man in awakening the inner power of creation. The Vedas say, that every man already has all the necessary resources and wisdom to realize the full inner potential, we only need to recall what we forgot.

Vedic Art Method was created by Swedish artist Curt Källman. He was chosen by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who gave him the wisdom of Vedas. Curt was working 14 years to develop this method of painting. The course is based on 17 principles, which will help you to express what you carry inside yourself, in your heart. You will paint your life, things you love, things you desire, things you are afraid of and things you want to be gone. The only inspiration in this process is your inner life and light. The way we paint and behave during painting shows us very precisely how we create our life in daily life. During the workshop you will build your own authority and learn not to be dependent on somebody else’s’ opinion. There is no judgment in the group, so you will have a chance to let yourself simply be joyful. Finally you will accept yourself, just as you are right now.

Working with the Vedic Art method you may discover that while you paint, it is better to connect with your heart rather than your brain. While painting you may practice new behaviours and overcome your limits. You may paint sorrow and transform it into joy. You will learn to be open for changes in your life, as Life is nothing but change. But mainly you will learn to listen to your intuition. You will give up control and let the hand paint spontaneously, with no effort. Last but not least a big part of the workshop is ending the creative process. You will take responsibility for your creation and you will become a Creator. And if you can feel the power of your creation, there is no longer a space for being a victim, which brings a tremendous change and can make a huge difference in your life.