Courses & workshops


Each level lasts 4 days and can be done in one go or can be divided. The best way is to do the whole course in one go, which is 4 days, but in our busy life it can be difficult to have 4 days off work. In that case you can attend two weekends or even four separate days.

This is fantastic course, whcih will open you for great creativity hiden deep in you. There is a connection between our inverworld and creativity. We create our lifes ourselfs, so exploring our deeper inner belives and expresing them on a blank piece of paper or canvas is the best way to see our creation.

During 4 day workshop you will:

believe in your personal power and discover the strength to set your personal boundaries, that will help you build healthy relationships and fulfilling carrier,
leave your past behind you and enjoy the power of now instead of looking back,
• get deeply connected with creative side of yourself – which will help you deal with everyday problems from totally different perspective,
• understand that you create your reality, you will paint your dreams and passions coming from your heart,

Everything in a nice, creative atmosphere with likeminded people.

What is more you will create from 9 to 15 fabulous pictures that can be a great addition to beautify your house or be a gift to your loved ones.

You don’t need to be stuck in the life you don’t like. You can repaint it - on the canvas as well as in the real life. It’s time to believe you can create your reality. It’s time to gather the momentum. The time is now.

Start today, sign up for the Vedic Art course and be ready for new energy in your life.

If you want the Vedic Art course in your town or village please get in touch.

Also I do one to one course, please get in touch for more details.

Contact me and book your space today:
Tel.: 0 7894 671 882

If you would like to find the Vedic Art course in your town please let me know as well. I can provide you with the contact details for teachers in your area.

What is the investment?

The regular price is £250 per person for 4 days course level I or level II. Both levels are run simultaneously. However, if you want to have individual course one to one – the price is - £400 for the course.

Children/teenagers 12-16 years old attend the course for free, if one of the parent is attending the whole course.

Other discounts:
Full time students get 50% off
Senior citizens get 20% off

The fee covers the costs of the venue, easels, hot drinks and snacks, extra art stuff like e.g. glitter, modelling paste etc.


Canvas /minimum 9/, paints and paintbrushes are at your expense (a few sets of acrylic paint, plus the most popular acrylic colours and canvas you can buy at the venue).