About me

Who I am and what is my story with Vedic Art?

My name is Maria Biniasz and I believe we are here on this planet to live a happy life. Yes, I do love my life now, but it hasn’t always been like this. Actually it took me years of personal development to get me to the point where I am at the moment.

On one side I have always been very successful in my professional life. As a law graduate I got a fantastic job in one of the best companies in Poland, then pursuing my dreams I moved to London and got English Law Diploma at Westminster University. In the meantime I built a very prosperous cleaning business from scratch and worked as a volunteer at Citizen Advice Bureau.

However my personal life wasn't as fulfilling as I wanted. I had several events in my life, that made me feel quite unhappy and even depressed at one point. Having this natural drive for improvements in all areas in my life I started to look for solutions. I read several self help books and tried different methods, therapies and seminars. Years of personal development made me feel much better but I still had this feeling that certain events from my past are stopping me from setting my personal boundaries clearly and being deeply joyful.

I was in this state till the day when my friend invited me to Vedic Art workshop. I went there with no expectations and got back full of joy and new energy. I simply discovered that I am creative and happy all together. Surprisingly all the traumatic memories are not painful any longer. Fascinated by the benefits of the method I continued my education and started new carrier as Vedic Art teacher. I just felt that, if I managed to change so much and live the way I truly enjoy, it’s my responsibility to share the method with a wider audience. I would love to empower others on their way to find their strength and passion to live a better, joyful life.